Friday, 15 May 2009

Wrong in the Tooth

I would like to take a moment to give Nurofen a free promotion.

Thank you, Nurofen, for being with me at 2:00 am this morning when I woke up in agony from my inflamed gum. You gently soothed the throbbing in my ear, blunted the razors down my throat, and paused the war that was raging between my wisdom tooth and the fleshy pink gum that is trying to swallow it. Nurofen, you are a true friend and I appreciate you.

And thank you person who invented antibiotics! Thank you kindly!


Steph said...

Nurofen is da shit baby! For years I struggled with bloody panadol, stupidly thinking I was allergic to Nurofen (thank you public health system) and then one day I thought, stuff this, I need quality drugs and burst out with the Nurofen.

Hellooooooooo! Best drug evah! Apart from valium of course ;)

Sprite said...

Hey nice to see you! As you can see I have become a junkie in your absence, hence the seriously infrequent blog entries.