Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Week of Music

On Monday night The Man and I went to the opera house to see Rachid Taha in concert. I only found out about this concert on Friday night, because we sent to see another band, and they announced that they were playing on Monday night in support of Rachid Taha, and I was all “Oh my God, Rachid Taha has come to Sydney? I’ll die of disappointment if he performs and I’m not there!!” So to avert my death, The Man agreed to it and I bought us tickets.

The opening band, Lolo Lovina, the one I’d seen on Friday, were great again. I so covet their violinist’s skills. Honestly, could die happy if I could saw at a fiddle like that. She made my abilities look like a pale shadow of violin playing. Talk about fireworks! I’m not sure whether to start practicing hard, or just give up.

It was funny to hear all Rachid Taha’s songs that I know so well, performed live. It was just as I expected, and he has a beautiful voice. I totally wanted to dance – everyone in the stalls looked to be having such a great time – but everyone behind me was sitting down and I didn’t want them to hate me. I do regret that I didn’t get up and move to the side, where there was plenty of space. What's wrong with some people?!

One of the highlights of Rachid Taha’s set was Brian Eno. He was in the audience and Rachid invited him onto the stage and wouldn’t let him leave. At the end of every song Brian Eno was like “Errrr – I really don’t know what I’m doing, you know” (to us), looking all awkward, and Rachid totally ignored this, flung his arm round him and made him dance and stuff. He had the helpless, dazed look of a hostage taken captive by an unstable psychopath. (And let’s face it, Rachid Taha is a little weird. Sexy, yes, but weird). Pretty funny, really!

Anyway, the most important part of this week is that I go on holiday on Tuesday, which makes tomorrow my last day. Thank you God, for making this day come!!!!!


Steph said...

Where you going for your holiday?

Sprite said...

This post is so old! I was going to England to visit the family (Well, parents and brother - didn't see other brother and psycheau girlfriend, just found out today from my parents that they got married 2 months ago without telling us!!!), and Poland for a four day holiday with the parents. Been back ages!

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